Connect Sweden have produced two anthologies in which a number of prominent Swedish business leaders, politicians, academics, debaters and visionaries share their view on the possibilities of aviation. In the first anthology the participants talk about how flying has taken them out into the world and about the possibilities aviation has created for them as individuals, for the companies they work for as well as for Sweden as a whole. In our second anthology the participants focus on Stockholm Arlanda Airport – on the airport’s role for them and Sweden, and what Arlanda can and will be in the future.

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Jacob Wallenberg 


The importance of flight connections manifests itself in different ways for different groups in society. We are therefore delighted to present a wide range of thought leaders within business, politics and academia, who share their experiences and perspectives on the many opportunities and challenges of a connected world.

You will be able to read about the needs Michael Wolf, CEO Swedbank, see among the bank’s many customers from small companies, what the writer Johan Norberg thinks about the of the means of transportation in the future and why the the journalist from Financial Times, Richard Milne, with the Nordic and Baltic countries as workplace depend on flexible air routes.

All articles are available in Swedish on Connect Sweden´s homepage here, and a few of them in English here. And if you want to read the anthology it is available as a pdf (in Swedish). You can also order the printed anthology below. (In Swedish delivered for free to an address within Sweden.)


In our second anthology we have chosen to focus on Stockholm Arlanda Airport and at the airport’s role. We have let business executives, researchers, politicians, debaters and visionaries from different areas think about what the airport means for them and for Sweden. We have also asked them to peek into the crystal ball and give their idea of what Arlanda can and should be in ten, twenty or maybe fifty years.

We can already tell you that they see a place for innovations and new technologies, with an environment and functionality that makes Arlanda more than a place that you only travel to and from. They see Arlanda as a creative focal point for people, thoughts, business and exchange.

All articles from our second anthology can be found on our homepage here. If you want to read the whole anthology (in Swedish only) you can download it as a pdf or order it via the form below. (In Swedish delivered for free to an address within Sweden.)

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